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2022-2023 Mammals Team

My is Aidan Hallsworth, and I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I’m a senior in high school and have always wanted to be part of the Forman School Wildlife Research Program. I am originally from Massachusetts and love wildlife of all kinds; however, my passion is arctic biology. In the future, I intend to study wildlife biology and environmental policy in college.

My name is Matthew Fisher. I am in 11th grade at Forman. I wanted to be on the rainforest project because I thought it was very interesting to do real research that will be sent to colleges and better understand animal movement and population. I specifically wanted to do mammals because I want to learn about big cat movement and to help protect the big cats from being poached because they are very important to the ecosystem.  

My name is Molly L. Brooks. I am a senior at Forman. This is my second year being part of the Forman School wildlife research program. I always enjoyed the outdoors. Last year I worked with mammals capturing photos of wild wolves.  This year I am working with Mammals Team. I am very excited to work with my leader Ms. Welshans and my fellow teammates in the Rainforest of Costa Rica. After this, I would like to head forth in my career as a wildlife biologist


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