Monthly Archives: February 2016

Rainforest Send-off


The Rainforest team is ready to go with these essentials from Costco!

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New Equipment

We are excited to be leaving for the tropical Rainforest in 15 days! Some new equipment arrived for us to use this year. Check it out! Pesola scale: used to weigh amphibians and reptiles. Snake poles: used to catch snakes which are then measured in grams as well magnifying glasses!

Mammals Team: 17 days!

We only have 17 days until we leave for Costa Rica, so we’ve been reading some tips from past Mammal teams on what it’s like down there. We have gathered the following helpful hints!

  • Build a sturdy observation cage
  • The best bait is soap, chocolate, sunflower seeds, and meat
  • Bring enough anesthesia
  • Bring correct size synergies
  • Wake up early enough to net bats in the morning
  • Put a net checking bag together with tape measure, scissors, Fiona Reed Book, frisk mater, and dissecting kit
  • Take lots of pictures!
  • Have fun 🙂