Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team of 2014-2015



Think of a drone flying over the Costa Rican Rainforest, recording what it hears and sending it back to some guy in Arizona. Imagine that guy in Arizona being able to take a population inventory of a species just by sitting and listening, no stress of capturing animals, no cost of travel, no extremely expensive equipment, just one guy, listening. This is what the Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team is working toward. The 2014-2015 Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team is Tyler Dunn, Peter Newmark, and Brooke Shemwell. The Forman Rainforest Project’s Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team will be collecting the sounds of a variety of species for the database at the Macaulay Library at Cornell. So, here are the basics, bioacoustics is the sound that animals make. The telemetry component of the project allows the us to track larger animals like mammals back to their home so that we can record them. Cornell has designed a sound anaylisis software called Raven which will be used to compare and anlize the recordings in the field. This will allow us to take a closer look at each recording to make sure we have caught the sound in its entirety. The Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team is also learning how to retrieve sounds at optimum recording quality by using different techniques when it comes to the recorder’s microphone settings and placement when recording. Taking recordings of animals might seem quaint and unimportant right now, but the Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team plan to save the rainforest by making it a lot easier to take population inventories instead of through the collection of displaced animals. The 2015 Bioacoustics and Telemetry Team is truly aiming to make the world a better place for all animals.



Goals for this year:

*add to the Macaulay Library

*Record animals in different times throughout the day to get a better understanding of the recordings and the animals behaviors.


Objectives Before the Rainforest

*Familiarize ourselves with Raven and learn how to make strong recordings

*Complete the Methods and Equipment Paper





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