Bird Team Introduction

Recently we have been working on our paper, and learning to set up and take down the nets. It’s not as easy as it looks!!! We are also working hard to memorize the 25 most common birds that we usually catch while down in the Costa Rica. We are also working to memorize the Hummingbirds for the project that was created last year with them. In this project we set up about six bird feeders all with different percentages of sugar in the water. We then sit and watch for birds and calculate how many males and females go to which feeders to figure out which consistency of sugar the Hummingbirds like the best. We have meet with our team leader Frank Gallo, and he has been teaching us the methods we need to use while down in the rainforest. He says it get cold down there! Can you believe that! The rainforest in Costa Rica gets cold at night! We are hoping, because it is dry season, that we won’t be rained out like last year. Wendy Welshans has also been working hard to get us prepared for the big trip, meeting every other day in class and also on tuesday nights. In some of the lectures we are learning about some of the tropical plants and arthropods and their secondary defense, so if you touch them or eat them, they could really harm you. It’s really scary, but it helps us be alert down there, so we are more careful about what we touch. We will keep keep our blog updated so don’t forget to keep checking in, and feel free to leave us comments about questions you have and to wish us luck!
Jenny, Melissa, and Allie!
2014 Bird Team


One response to “Bird Team Introduction

  1. leah and her dad

    jenny melissa and allie, miss you guys and we will definitely be at forman to see you guys and everyone else soon!!!!!!!
    leah and beth
    (if you see jorie tell her i miss her!)

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