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Project BT 2013-2014

This year we are revamping Project O (Orthoptera). This years team: Coleman Walker, Jay Hopkins, Nate Langh, and our team leader Shawn Mullen are working to transcend the perceived limits of Costa Rican Bioacoustic Recording. We are still keeping the focus on Orthopterans and recording their calls, but our team is diversifying our focus to recording not only Orthopterans, but Birds,  Amphibians, and Mammals as well, adding to the Macaulay Sound Library at Cornell University. We are collaborating with the other groups and forming lists of attractive species that the sound library needs for when we take our journey into the feild later this coming February.

Our jobs, as a team, this year is ambitious. Practically starting from scratch, Project BT,  is collecting Field guides and familiarizing ourselves with the tools, insects, and software. We are also adapting several Orthoptera recording techniques, and doing extensive research to be ready for Costa Rica. Our research today aids future researching processes. To one day be able to enter any habitat, record the surroundings, run the sound through a database, and be able to see a diagnostic of the habitats heath is very exciting and only a few years from becoming reality.

Project O had been running for 3 years, however now we are changing it to Bioacoustics & Telemetry.

Our Goals this year:

  1. to add to the Macaulay Library’s birds, reptiles, and amphibian sound database by working with the other groups and what they catch while in the field.
  2. to discover a new method of recording and identifying Orthopterins and other sound producing insects of Costa Rica, hopefully adding to the Macaulay Library sound database.
  3. to use the science of radio telemetry to track many of the recorded birds, reptiles, amphibian, and Orthopterins to better document their habitat borders.

There is a lot the world doesn’t know about earth’s beautiful Rainforests. Peering through an open door of infinite possibility is a daunting thing; but we cannot turn back, don’t want to turn back. Follow us through the door, we will have a lot to share.


The 2013- 2014 Bird Team

This year’s Bird Team, Melissa, Allie, and Jenny, have been working diligently to help further the research that has already been done on the Bird Team in previous years. Birds are an essential part of the ecosystem. We focus on three main types of birds: migratory, local, and hummingbirds. We look at the population size of the migratory birds in Costa Rica because the consequences of deforestation not only affect the birds in Costa Rica, but also in the United States. By banding birds, we are able to see the migration patterns over the years. The local birds in Costa Rica are heavily affected by deforestation. Since they are not migratory, if their habitats are destroyed, they will have no place to live. The 2014 Bird Team will also be continuing on with the research from the Hummingbird Project that was started last year. This year we will be working alongside the Bioacoustics Team to help identify and record new bird calls that will be added into the Macaulay Library that is produced by Cornell University, with whom we have a partnership.

2013-2014 Bird Team (Jenny Marcus, Melissa Lipset, Allie Meeker)

2013-2014 Bird Team (Jenny Marcus, Melissa Lipset, Allie Meeker)