Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why they call it the rainforest

The team reported 19.85 inches of rain in 6 days! This may cause challenges with satellite reception but it hasn’t stopped Project O from doing field recordings.  They report: ‘Anurian audio data: 3 and counting’

Despite the natural conditions there, the bird team was able to catch eight migrants — tied the school record! The hummingbird operation is underway and there is a lot of data to analyze.

Testing on the strength of spider silk continue to awe students with the opportunities. Highest strength is 200g.



Spider Team Has Silked a Mile!

The spider team reported yesterday that they have already gathered a MILE of spider silk – the strongest natural fiber.  The highest strength they have measured is 6.4 Newtowns.

Bird Team Finds Wood Thrush Banded in 2011!

Other Bird Team Tweets:

– Tied record for catching 8 migrants
– Caught Philadelphia vireo
–  Caught 4 migrants
–  Spotted rare sungrebe & green ibis
– Caught a chestnut-sided warbler
–  Spotted keel-billed toucan


Bird Team Tweets!

Here is a snapshot of the tweets from the bird team in the last 24 hours. If you click on the ‘find me spot’ link below, you can see a satellite map of where they are working. So exciting!

Healthy Poison Dart Frogs

The team tweeted that they found a colony of healthy poison dart frogs and collected nearly 50 individuals in a 10 minute speed collection. Noted that the final ratio was 2 males for every females, which is healthy. 

They also found a 32 mm mole cricket and some species that they have not identified yet.


The Rainforest Team send off dinner was a big success. Great food — maybe the last before the all rice & beans diet. Watching the Twitter feed (@formanrainfrst) for updates on when the team lands.