Monthly Archives: November 2012

Bird Team

The study of birds is a vital part of the Rain Forest project. As more and more species are discovered each year, the effort to record bird species has continued. Our job as the Bird team is to document the multitude of species the Rain Forest has to offer; according the most recent survey, over 900 species exist in Costa Rica. We will be classifying different types of birds and their corresponding calls. With four team members, as opposed to two in previous years, we will be able to cover a greater area of the Rain Forest, which gives us a greater possibility of discovering a new species. We will be observing, catching, and listening to the birds. Some examples of birds we will be researching are Toucans, Scarlet Tanagers, and Hummingbirds. We hope, in partnership with Cornell University, to positively contribute to the study of birds and the further advancement of bird research in the future.

Team Members:

From left: Dimitri Habib, Abraham Friedman, Kyle Farrell, and Paige Fischer