Reps and Amphs!!

There are many reptiles and amphibians in Costa Rican rainforest, and they’re an integral part of our world today.  They range from your average tree frog to species yet unknown.  We are studying their habits and the roles they play in their environment.  We are trying to find evidence of the revival of many species after the chytrid fungus decimated the local population of amphibians.  This fungus has been killing off amphibians around the world.  We plan on taking day long hikes through the rainforest in search of these amphibians–and their natural predators, reptiles. We will use the information we collect to assess how populations have responded to chytrid and other environmental changes.

Zach Gati

Kevin Grace
Katrina Swift


One response to “Reps and Amphs!!

  1. Terralynn Swift

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your research on the specific sounds of the rainforest. Good Luck!

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